Article for “LAWYER & LAW”: Specific Information about the Issuer

In the recent article for “LAWYER & LAW” Tetyana Vikhrova, attorney-at-la at Jurline,  has analysed the issues arising during the placement of specific information about the issuer.
This institution of Ukrainian corporate law is under further formation and improvement. By the decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on April 19, 2018 No. 243, changes and additions were made to the “Provision on information disclosure by securities issuers” No. 2826 dd December 3, 2013. We hope that the new European approach to the regulation of the securities market will stimulate the interest of investors and help attract foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy.


The publication is available in the original language – see in Ukrainian.
The article is available in the analytical system “Liga Zakon”.
Author: Tetyana Vikhrova
Source: ЮРИСТ & ЗАКОН, October 25, 2018