The roots of modern legal practice date back to ancient times. A professional lawyer studies not just modern jurisprudence, he follows its development through the centuries. This approach introduces a comprehensive understanding of laws, their history, and the trends for alteration and development.
However, unfortunately a large number of works of world thinkers has never been translated into Russian. On the initiative of the partners of Jurline in 2011 the Saviny Legal Studies Center was founded, the purpose of which was to provide access to such literature. Many publications can certainly become interesting not only to law theoreticians and students, but also to practicing lawyers.
To date, the Center has acquired almost all works of the outstanding lawyer of the nineteenth century, Friedrich Carl von Savigny, and arranged their translation.
In addition the library of the center is constantly being replenished with unique copies:
In 2013 for the first time Galitsky Civil Code was translated into Russian within the framework of the project.
In 2017 a collection of works of an outstanding civilist of the XIX-XX centuries E.V. Vaskovsky was published with the support of the Savigny Legal Studies Center.
Through the activities of the Center unique works became available to a mass audience of people interested in private law, its origin and development.
More information about the Center can be found on Facebook.Центр исследования права им. Савиньи/