One of the most popular areas of legal practice is providing clients with a wide range of consultations. To this end, our company provides services on both legal opinions and due diligence.

Legal opinions are often necessary for our clients when planning transactions, checking the legal purity of real estate, compliance with tax laws, the reliability of counterparties, evaluating the prospects for litigation, and also in cases when it is necessary to obtain an independent opinion on the corporate structure, recommendations for its modernization and structuring the most effective business protection.

Due diligence is provided by the company in respect of legal, tax and financial aspects of complex investment projects, M & A transactions, purchase of shares / corporate rights, other assets, commercial lending, privatization of state property. This type of service includes comprehensive study of the investment object including title issues, encumbrances, litigation, necessary permissible documentation, intellectual property rights, verification of the structure of existing obligations, analysis of possible risks and provision of appropriate recommendations. Depending on the needs of clients preliminary due diligence is provided, when the investment is still being planned, and comprehensive due diligence, when the investment decision has already been made.
The results of the analysis can be both a basis for further cooperation with the client within the framework of a separate project, or a guidance for independent implementation of the solutions our lawyers proposed.

Many years of teaching practice by the company’s lawyers in the leading law schools of Odessa, vast experience of scientific work, as well as successful activities of the F.C. Savigny Center for Legal Studies created within the company, allow us when providing legal opinions / due diligence, if necessary, to involve leading Ukrainian lawyers in solving particularly complex problems and preparing expert opinions, and while providing practical recommendations to base on analysis of the prospects for the development of legislation, which is one of the cornerstones of building a business in the country with dynamic legal, economic, social processes.