International and Foreign Trade

Jurline provides support for international trade transactions in various sectors of the economy. We provide legal advice at all stages of international transactions for both Ukrainian and foreign clients.

We advise clients on international transactions, the customs legislation, contract law, including contracts on sale and purchase, distribution, franchise, concession, delivery, service agreements, as well as all aspects of foreign trade. In addition our lawyers have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide advice on laws of other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, Switzerland. If necessary, we also engage local legal advisers to carry out the task in a most efficient way.

Our company pays full attention to all requirements and formalities as well as protection of interests of the client while negotiating, drafting and analyzing draft contracts and primary documents, supporting the procedure of executing, amending and termination of different kinds of contracts.

We also protect the interests of the client in the settlement of disputes related to transactions of a transnational nature both in Ukrainian courts and in disputes consideration by IAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, as well as in accordance with the rules of international arbitration organizations and associations such as by GAFTA , FOSFA , the LCIA , LMAA . Our company also provides professional assistance in out of court settlement of disputes and enforcement of court decisions.

Being experienced in supporting disputes related to the sale of various product groups, such as grain, raw materials, manufactured goods, food, information technology, our company is always ready to provide your business with effective solutions and the right approach to solving tasks and problems in the international market.