Successful entrepreneurs, families and other wealthy private clients frequently applies to our company for capital structuring, tax planning, wealth management in Ukraine and abroad. We provide a full range of legal support for ensuring tax and financial efficiency. In order to preserve and increase the client’s assets we always try to create an individual business development plan taking into account the interests, goals and specifics of each client.
Today the assets of private clients are often exposed to a lot of risk both from counterparties and from state authorities of Ukraine and other countries. We possess a unique experience of representing clients’ interests in the protection of assets, investments and business in various jurisdictions.
Our firm also provides services on the creation of charitable foundations and organizations, and also provides legal support for socially significant projects. We also advise clients on certain personal matters related to the acquisition of real estate in Ukraine and abroad, as well as obtaining a residence permit and a permit for employment for non-residents in Ukraine.
Realizing the delicacy of projects and issues that private clients address lawyers with Jurline always strictly observes their confidentiality. Clients value the firm’s lawyers for their impartiality in the evaluation of the project and the execution of all the tasks assigned.