Juridical firm “Jurline” has a longstanding experience of legal support of leading construction companies of Odesa region and of implementation of large projects in the field of real estate. We provide the legal support to the projects of construction of commercial and industrial real estate objects as well as give legal assistance to the construction companies that specialize in elite housing development. While representing the interests of investors and construction companies we provide support at all stages of the construction with: preparation advices and opinions, drafting the scheme of implementation of the project, preparation of the partnership agreements with investors, support of investment and financing of the construction, participation in tenders, current support of construction projects, putting into service and property management.


The lawyers of our firm have significant experience in designing the financial and tax structure of transactions, carry out registration of corporeal rights and their encumbrances with the State Register of Rights to Immovable Property.


We carry out a complex legal audit of projects directed at finding out the possible risks related to its implementation, as well as means and ways to eliminate them. The specialists of Law Firm “Jurline” will also help to settle disputes that arise during the implementation of the projects related to the construction and to real estate, including settlement in courts.