Taxation is a sphere that everyone has to deal with sooner or later. Considering the flexibility of tax practice this service can be suggested to the client either as a part of a complex solution to a project (corporate sphere, M&A, operations with assets, etc.) or as a separate service.


The taxation specialists of our company offer a full scope of the corresponding services that traditionally include: tax planning, tax due diligence and advice on the taxation matters, advice on the customs legislation, on the taxation matters in relation to the corporate structure, repatriation of profit, establishment and termination of companies as well as settlement of taxation disputes. We have extensive experience in this sphere and offer a wide range of services to our clients providing for the complex approach while settling taxation issues that arise in the everyday operation of companies.


In addition to tax planning and advice on the matters of application of tax legislation our lawyers are ready to provide support to clients during tax inspections and drawing their results, as well as with challenging illegal actions of controlling bodies, representation of clients in the disputes with tax and customs bodies and during the settlement of disputes related to the taxation in the courts of any instance.