In 2015 the attorneys-at-law of Jurline created Attorney Association JURLINE which currently consists of 12 attorneys-at-law experienced in criminal law and procedure.
Attorneys-at-law JURLINE provide full range of services related to the defense of clients’ interests if they face issues of any complexity in the field of criminal law.

We offer contracts on the provision of legal assistance if emergent assistance is necessary in the future:
— provision of urgent telephone counseling in order to prevent violation of the client’s rights by law enforcement bodies and third parties until the arrival of the attorney-at-law to the client;
— the immediate arrival of the attorney-at-law (legal team) in case of any problems and issues with law enforcement bodies (searches, seizures, interrogations), as well as actions towards the client in case of administrative and criminal offenses;
— providing full range of services to protect the rights and interests of clients in the event of their participation in criminal proceedings as witnesses, victims, suspects, accused persons, both at the stage of pre-trial investigation and court proceedings.

Also attorneys-at-law of JURLINE are ready to assist with protecting the interests of clients if they already are parties to the criminal proceedings and in need of assistance of highly qualified specialists.
Attorneys-at-law of JURLINE have huge experience in protecting interests of their clients in the area of ​​crimes against life and health of a person, crimes against property, commercial crimes, as well as white-collar crimes.
In addition, attorneys-at-law of JURLINE have wide knowledge and skills as well as positive court practice in issues related to illegal seizure, attachment of property and bank accounts by law enforcement officers with further removal of these arrests and return of property to owners.